Dating Diaries: Episode 3 + Watercolor Maxi


Chicwish Skirt | Burnout Boyfriend Tee | Topshop ‘Foxy’ Ghillie Sandal | Marina Collar Necklace  | Bracelet Watch | Clic Clac H Bracelet  | Aviator Sunglasses

Good morning lovelies and Happy Hump day! Today I’m about to give you a hump day treat, the third episode of the dating diaries!!! If you haven’t read the first two, you can find them here and here. Getcha’ read on on below to find out what happens on date three! First, this outfit is so dreamy! I cannot say enough about how beautiful this Chicwish skirt is! It was so fun to wear. (I’m sure you can tell by all the twirling I was doing in the pics. Iol) Anyway, this Chicwish skirt is super comfy and would be so cute for a beach vacation or date night. I paired it with my favorite boyfriend burnout tee tied in a knot. This tee is also extremely comfy, it feels like pajamas! Size down if you don’t want as much of a boyfriend/baggy feel. I love, love, love, this Baublebar bib necklace! It is such a beautiful statement piece and such a gorgeous turquoise color. Last, I paired it with my mirrored aviators and lace up sandals to top off this colorful look!

Dating Diaries: Episode 3

Date number three, it’s time to spill the beans about you! Sooooooo, I first met date number three at  happy hour. We exchanged  #awkward glances across the room several times (ya know, the ones where you try to “pretend” like you are both NOT looking at each other?) while I was sipping cocktails with my girlfriends. He was super tall, (think 6’5”) in a suit, with dark hair.  When I was leaving, he stopped and asked if he could have my number. He looked pretty normal to me, as he was just chillin’ with friends having drinks as well. So, I decided to give him a shot.  After the three day waiting rule (#annoying) that guys like follow, I FINALLY heard from him. We started texting, talking and emailing.  I found out that he actually lived in the Saucon Valley area and wanted to take me out to this gorgeous restaurant called Blue Grillehouse. We met up two days later at the patio bar. I was hella impressed because he wanted to take me for drinks AND dinner at a pretty fancy place. Could this be a great guy or was there a catch? Fast forward and we were enjoying the fresh air and some unbelievable glasses of wine. He was pulling out all the stops and picking some high-end wines to sip. After our second glass, I was ready to get my grub on. I didn’t want to keep drinking on an empty stomach. I def didn’t want to be THAT girl, #wino, #drunkonafirstdate. He mentioned that before we headed in,  he needed to get something from his car. As we walked towards the parking lot, he stopped. At first, I thought he was already going in for a smooch. OMG, already? Nope, it was farrrrrrrr worse than that. He turned and said, “You  know, my parents live right around the corner?” Oh really, that’s nice I thought, but why would I care about that? With his next breath he exclaimed, “They have a pool, and they are not home. We should take a dip (wink wink) in their pool instead of getting dinner.” Are you kidding me?  Do I look that dumb? But for real tho, did he really think I would go back to his parents house when I’ve know him for MAYBE 54 minutes??? That sounds like an episode of Dateline to me. My momma taught me right and I declined. Plus, I was getting HANGRY at this point. I said we should just grab dinner instead since we were just getting to know each other. Perfect gentleman that he was,(kidding of course) he said he’d rather “swim” then eat dinner and asked for my half of the wine tab. I slapped twenty bucks in his hand and rolled out solo. As “Sweet Brown” would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I sped off and drove straight to Chic Fil-a. Date number 3, shame on you! As I drove home scarfing my nuggets, I wondered where Prince Charming was hiding. Maybe, he’s in New Jersey? Ughhhhhh, just get here already!

Pro dating tip # 3:  

You’ve reached a whole new creep level if you ask a girl that you’ve known for less than one hour to come back and take a “dip” in your pool. That makes you sounds like #7 on  America’s Most Wanted list. #HowAboutNo #NopeJustNope #ICan’tWaitToNEVERSeeYouAgain

So girls, any of you ever go on a date with a  guy like this???? What was your worst first date??? Comment below!

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