Dating Diaries: Episode 13 + Red Swing Dress

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Topshop Red Swing Dress //  Turquoise Necklace // Blue Rayban Aviators // Gold Stud Earrings // Rebecca Minkoff Gladiator Sandals (only 32 bucks!!) // Cult Gaia Ark Bag // Cult Gaia Dupe (less than half the price) //  Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet //  Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch // Crossover Ring // Lucky Wrap Ring

Holllaaaaa and Happy Hump to y’all!!! I’m so excited to be sharing some outfit inspo from our recent trip to Bermuda. #takemeback  Side note: Why does it always seem like it takes forever waiting to go on a trip, but then the trip feels two seconds long?? Anybody feel the same way?? Anywhoooooo, omg I had so much fun planning and styling outfits in Bermuda. It’s something about that island vibe that makes me want to get all prettied up to match the beautiful surroundings. So, let’s dish outfit, before we head into another episode of the Dating Diaries. This dress was seriously one of the most comfy dresses I have ever worn. I love pairing a bright red color with turquoise bc I love the contrast of bright hues. I just had to add this chunky turquoise bib necklace to make the colors pop. Since this dress has a roomier feel, I would suggest sizing down. I finished off the outfit with the “it” bag of the season, the Cult Gaia Ark bag and Rebecca Minkoff Gladiators. I also linked the dupe for my Cult Gaia Bag which is less than half the price! Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming.

Dating Diaries: Episode 13

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Ahhhh, lucky number 13. Wasn’t I so “lucky” to meet you? Answer: NO. So this date was a doctor…and no ladies, you’ll come to find that he was neither McDreamy or McSteamy. I’ll tell you his lovingly coined nickname a little further on in the story. So, as I said, number 13 was a doc, so we had to work around his hectic schedule to find a time to meet. Because of his tight work schedule, it took us a little while to actually meet up in person. I bring this up bc we had emailed, texted, chatted on the phone many, many times before we actually met up. He was intelligent, funny, and a doctor…hello? #score. Or soooo I thought. When he finally had some free time to break away from his cray residency shifts, we met up at super fun little place in Rittenhouse Square called Twenty Manning. Gosh, even typing this out makes the memories flood back so vividly. It was Christmastime when I went on this date, so I was feeling extra festive and generous. At Christmastime my momma and I always set aside time to bake tons of cookies. You see my momma is probs the best cookie baker ever…just ask around the Philly area…they’ll tell you about Deb Lee’s cookies!!! #bombdotcom #notbiased Anywhooooo, since we had just finished up making tons of cookies, my mom kindly suggested maybe we make a plate for date number 13, since he was working so many long hours. So, I as I showed up on that fateful December night, I came bearing delicious Xmas cookies for Date Number 13 as well. He was blonde and tall and the conversation started off very well. We ordered some spiced eggnog to get in the holiday spirit and got to chatting. Although, we had talked many, many times before….he had failed to mention that he had been previously married. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to judge, so being married before didn’t bother me at all. It’s what I had come to discover as the reason why. Tip: Eggnog is like a secret danger…it will embarrass you and come on strong when you least expect it. Sooo… the night went on we chatted more and more about our lives and careers. He started to talk all about how being with a doctor can be really hard bc of all the long hours. He continued to talk about how it can get really lonely. Now, there I was thinking he was talking about me. Like, how I might get really lonely while he was at work…that is if the relationship ever got that far. When I made a comment about how I had no problem being independent and and that I totally understood that he would have long hours…he stopped me mid-sentence. He informed me that he wasn’t talking about ME being lonely, he was talking about himself. He then proceeded to tell me the story of his ex-wife and how she didn’t understand that he was lonely at work all those long hours. I started to kind of feel bad for him about his divorce until…..wait for it…he said that the reason he divorced his wife was bc she just DIDN’T understand that he needed to have a relationship at work AND at home. Meaning, he was cheating on his wife at work with one of the nurses so he wouldn’t be “lonely”. He went on and on for what seemed like hours about how his wife was so selfish for not understanding his needs. Um, really dude? I was done. He wasn’t McSteamy or McDreamy..he was McCheater. I gave him a piece of my mind about how much his infidelity disgusted me. #realtalk I guess he didn’t like what I had to say, bc he rolled out and left me with the check. (at least I still had my cookies. lol) The best part of the story though was my walk to the car. I picked up my bag of cookies and headed back to the parking garage. Of course, my luck it started to rain and I had no umbrella. Yippee! #raingoaway I walked faster and faster and finally the parking garage was in sight. As I approached the garage, my stiletto heel got stuck in one of the those steam grates and I fell like a 50ft evergreen!! The cookies went flying everywhere. I guess I was in shock, bc I picked myself up and drove home. Welp, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my ankle the size of a softball! I had to crawl down my stairs and somehow drove myself to the ER. It was Christmas Eve at that point bc it was the middle of the night. I ended up with an air cast on for the next few weeks as I had a badly sprained ankle! That was one date I’ll never forget. I had the ER nurses and doctors laughing at my date story and at least they came to my rescue like Prince Charming would have. Scroll down to see a #throwback pic of me with my cast!

Pro Dating Tip # 13

Letting a date know that you will be cheating on her in the future is a real d**k move. I mean, what girl in her right mind would go out with a guy who believes that is ok to do that? #notme  Also, ladies…next time you are wearing stilettos, please watch out for steam grates!! Don’t let them get the best of you, like I did! #neverforget

Here’s a little throwback to my air cast!! Don’t I look BOOT-YLICIOUS??? 🙂 Have you ever had a trip to the ER while on or leaving a first date?? I’d love to hear your stories!! Drop me a comment below!

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